Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick - Which is the world’s largest newspaper market

The world's 'last great newspaper market'- InfoChange India News & Features development news India.

Contemporary Press: Circulation and readership

The Indian print media currently include over 62,483 newspapers and periodicals, according to the latest figures available from the website of the Registrar of Newspapers for India, updated up to March 31, 2006 (RNI 2005-06). The total circulation of newspapers in 2005-06 was 18,07,38,611 copies.

Indian publications appear in as many as 101 languages and dialects. The largest numbers of newspapers were published in Hindi (4131), followed by English (864), Gujarati (775), Urdu (463) Bengali (445), and Marathi (328). In circulation, too, Hindi newspapers continued to lead with 7,66,98,490 copies, followed by English with 3,41,06,816 copies. While the Gujarati press with 98,44,710 copies came in third, the Urdu and Malayalam language press followed closely with 92,17,892 and 82,06,227 copies respectively.

Among daily newspapers, Hindi led with 942 dailies, followed by 201 in English. The languages with more than 100 daily newspapers were Urdu (191), Telugu (147) Marathi (130) and Gujarati (100). Circulation-wise, Hindi dailies maintained dominance with 3,76,42,520 copies. English dailies followed with a circulation of 1,29,14,581 copies.

The Quietest Change

While many things may be read into this, the real interesting thing, is that this is just the beginning. What I find the most interesting is that this is just the beginning. While media in the 'developed world' is under financial strain, Indian media has hit a rich vein.

India, softpower?

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