Friday, October 10, 2008

Aapro Morarjibhai On Mt.Rushmore

Morarji On Rushmore

US Government Confirms

Some bloggers (especially the insidious, anti-Western) 2ndlook had alleged that the West is ungrateful - particularly, in regard to Morarji Desai.

The American Government has scoffed at this allegation and confirmed that George Bush Jr., has indeed sanctioned that Morarji Desai's bust should be engraved on Mount Rushmore. "After all, who could have contributed more to the success of the Bretton Woods Agreement than Mr.Desai", he said solemnly.

St.PT Barnum Knew All Along ...

Our resident propaganda slayer, St.PT Barnum, was privy to this whole deal. PT Barnum and the CIA mounted a massive covert operation. Barnum-CIA diverted the attention of the whole world by the nuclear deal and the dollar-credit-banking crisis, while the Bush Government was secretly working with St.PT Barnum to unveil the bust of America's greatest hero.

Bush grandly, announced, "Morarji has gone where no Indian has gone before. On Mount Rushmore. Morarji has very own statue on Rushmore now."

The Latest By Dubya

When asked about 'secret payments' made to Morarji Desai for this gold ban, Bush replied, "Secret deals are supposed to remain secret, but Henry Kissinger did appear in the court to testify that Morarji Desai did not take any money."

With tears in eyes, in a choked voice, George Bush said, "Without the help of the Morarji Desai, the Bretton Woods-I system would have collapsed within 15 years - instead of nearly 30 years. During this 30 years, the US printed a lot of dollars and created massive debt which helped Americans to become the largest debtor nation - with the highest standard of living. Morarji, can realistically, claim significant credit for saving Bretton Woods-I - which allowed time to consolidate and create their hegemony. The US thereafter launched the Breton Woods-II successfully."

But, Morarji Desai was a very patriotic Indian. He was supposed to have told George Bush Sr., a CIA point man, in the 70s and 80s, "It is not that I love less Indians less, but that I love the Americans more". "Morarji was", Bush confirmed, "one in the long line of many, who 'helped' India to get over the bad 'gold habit'." Before Morarji, the British had also tried to cure the Indians of this bad habit.

Gold Redemptions By The French - And The Rest

When the whole world was redeeming US gold, led by the perfidious French, it was Morarji Desai who stood by the US and stopped Indians from buying gold. Bush was slammed on how could Indians be blockaded from buying gold. For nearly 90 out of the 100 years in the last century, Indians were not allowed to buy gold.

George Bush was further asked searching questions on how can Morarjee Desai's bust be put on Mount Rushmore. After all, Desai's ban on gold imports, sparked the largest crime wave in Indian history. George Bush , simply said it is an internal matter for India and he will not comment on that.

He also in a sinister manner suggested that the Islamic angle should be looked into! He made a point to tell the CIA Director to co-operate with Manubhai in laying bare the Islamic conspiracy in the gold smuggling scam.

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