Sunday, July 27, 2008

The interesting statistic (graphical representation by Catherine@Visualizing Economics) in this chart is the cycle of Western Europe GDP. This, you will note, largely tracks the rise and fall of slavery and its proxy, colonialism. The rise of the West has been a case of ‘consumption’ of slaves to fuel their economic rise. Note the rapid fall in Western Europe incomes and GDP after loss of slaves and colonies - starting from 1850s (decline in slavery begins) till the 1950 (when decline in colonialism begins).

The current share of Western European GDP is also a statistical miracle based on the Bretton Woods financial topology - and the statistical lag between reality and its measures. Having painted themselves, in a corner, with a high cost economy, a bloated welfare state, an aging population (again, a side effect of the slavery on social structures; who would want a wife, if one can have a slave instead), Western Europe is terminally sick.

Combine the declining share of the economic pie and the rise in neo-con clamour, calls for increased vigilance against Western adventurism in the Middle East, Africa and maybe Asia too.

Is Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the shape of things to come?

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