Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Anglo Saxon Bloc

A significant benefit of the English language to the British is a convenient whitewash of history in the English language publications and media - and the tarring of competitive economies and nations.

How did Britain transit from a backward nation in 16th century, to a preeminent position in the the 20th century? In one word - colonialism. The British search and seizure of colonies enriched them - at the cost of the native populations.


A continent 4 times the size of India - with a population (2.1 cr) slightly bigger than Mumbai. By excluding non-whites, they have ensured that this super concentration of resources, wealth and prosperity continues. By a token inclusion of Asians, the British-Australian Governments cover their racist economic policies. The co-opted Asians at the social periphery also help the continuation and the justification of Australian policies.


Slightly smaller than Australia, and with a population of 3.2 crores, (equal to Mumbai and New Delhi) and three times the size of India. Another major producer of gold and silver. Similar wipe-out of native population as Australia and enrichment by exploitation of natural resources.


Another huge landmass but with a better territory to population ratio. A British Colony for close to a 150 years, the gold loot from the Red Indians and new mine discoveries in USA enabled the rise of the British power. Familiar tactics of extermination of the Red Indian tribes, land acquisition and slavery. The initial break from European history, with the enunciation of the Monroe Doctrine, by the USA was soon abandoned.

USA by 1890 acquired a taste of colonialism. They ‘bought’ Philippines from Spain, even today maintains Puerto Rico as a colony and (continues to) eyes Cuba. The Brussels and Berlin conference carved up Africa - and there were few places left to colonise.

By a simple modus operandi of sale of natural resources, Britain (and now Australia, Canada and USA) enriched themselves. These few countries: -

1. Consume disproportionate amounts of natural resources

2. Pollute the world

3. Contribute to global warming (Indian negotiaters are happy by taking a few token carbon credits)

This Anglo Saxon bloc has 3 of the 4 largest countries of the world; wiped out native populations in these 3 countries, acquired these countries by force, sequester the worlds’ natural resources and are united by their will to dominate and exploit the rest of humanity.

They control more than 67% of world gold production, and the media industry. USA, Australia and Canada remain amongst the largest producers of gold in the world - 60% of the world GDP and Oil. This helps America-Australia-Britain-Canada (ABC) Axis to retain hegemony over large parts of the global economy, politics and trade.

A defining feature of these colonial aggressions is that the local populations were considered irrelevant, non-existent or at best a nuisance. The familiar routine was: -

1. Limited Aggression

2. Proposal of submission by the ‘natives’ to the aggressor

3. Limited aggression (show of force) to force submission

4. Enforce submission or genocide.

Theodore Roosevelt “peace and the Anglo-Saxon civilization had to be imposed on the barbarian races of the world just as it had been on the Red Man” (Italics mine). You can substitute the red man for the brown or the black or the yellow or white for that matter another pink man also.

It is this (now racist and at other times a religious, social, political) justifications for exploitation, greed, genocide, that the world keeps trying to rebut - and the ABC Axis keep changing. In the last 400 years, they have also been involved in all the major wars that the world has seen. The killing record of this ABC Axis has been unprecedented in the history of the world. The have nurtured many client states - Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia now which are are at the centre of unrest and global disruptions.

What’s the future

In an equitable world, this pre-eminence for the Anglo-Saxon bloc is a non-starter. Are they likely to give up this position of pelf, greed, riches and adulation. Not likely. The chorus of demise of the USA are ill founded and wishful thinking. Military, economic confrontation are unproductive. Gandhiji has some answers.

India’s Role

The alternate world view that has posited against this exploitative model has been the Non-Aligned Bloc pioneered by India - but now abandoned. The Non-Aligned global model needs further development and enabling mechanisms for success of emerging nations. A few successes and the exploitative ABC Axis will collapse.

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