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Two Aryans - Hitler and Gandhiji


In 1906-07, an Turkish archeologist , Theodore Makridi-Bey, started excavations at Hattusas (Boghazkoi), 150-200 kms from Ankara, in Cappadocia. He was joined by Hugo Winckler, a German archaeologist, specialising in Assyria. They unearthed more than 10,000 clay tablets which proved to be of tremendous interest.

1921 AD

Boghazkoi clay tablets were decrypted and submitted for peer review. These tablets without dispute made the following things clear - One, the link between the clay tablets and India was clear; two, the date of these tablets was 1800-1900 BC.

Problems For Euro Centric Historians

  1. Indian civilization was dated by colonial historians till then at 1500 BC.
  2. Indus Valley between 1800-2000 BC.
  3. Boghaz Koi challenged these dates.
  4. The newer dates pushed back the Indian Civilisation at least to 3000BC-2500BC. Most possibly even earlier - 3500-3000 BC.

The Indian Quadratic Core

How could the, one, Ramayana and Mahbharata, two, Vedas, three, the Puranas and four, the Upandishads get composed in less than 800 years (between 2500, as speculated and the Boghazkoi date of 1800 BC. If the quadratic core of the Indian civilization, was composed in a more realistic time frame of 1000-1500 years, then it pushes the date of the Indian civilization to 3000 BC.

With these dates, the history of the world will have to re-written. It will prove that India civilized the world - time and again.

The entire Boghazkoi research and artifacts were being researched largely in Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm personally reviewed German archaeology activity. Excavation, discoveries and decryption happened between 1907-1921 - the formative years of Adolph Hitler.

These initial findings excited the German archaeological world - and suppressed in the English speaking media (for obvious colonial benefits). All this emerging data and research pointed to an Aryan centric world history.

Hitler decided to usurp this history - being decrypted in Germany. These archaeologists were dismissed by the Egypt-Greece-Rome-Europe axis as pan Babylonists.

In November 8th 1923 came the Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler was imprisoned and over the next 2 years came the Mein Kampf. Hitler’s prejudices were a mix of: -

  1. European xenophobia (consider the anti Semitism (1000-1850), the Gypsy genocide (1500-2000),
  2. Intolerance, (the extinction of the Provence culture(Albigensian Crusade of 1200-1300), The Hussite Wars(1419-36), the Spanish Inquisition(1275-1500).
  3. A new ingredient - the German research into the pre-Egyptian history of the Aryan Babylon at Boghazkoi and the Amarna letters.

Europeans for long, considered themselves as a branch of the Indo-European Aryans. Faced with this new evidence of Aryan dominance of modern civilisation, Hitler succumbed.

Subsequent research was frozen - in the mayhem of subsequent Weimar Republic - which lost all interest in archaeology. Hitler’s Euro-centric military agenda overwhelmed further research and development. Post WW2 world has thrown up yet another set of equations.

Net nett - very little progress till recently.

On the opposite of the world, the actual Aryans were being recast - in the furnace of a colonial world. Many at that time, did not consider the possibility that India would become.

MN Roy (founder of Indian Communism), Homi Mody (industrialist) represented realism of the time. They can now safely referred to as British colonial lackeys. But at that in history, it was realism.

After all, how could a frail, old man with little money, no army, overcome the greatest empire that the world had known - the British Empire.

2 years ago, genetic sampling across India did not throw up any DNA markers common to the supposed invaders. This completely disproved the invasion /migration theory. It is now clear Aryan were home grown Indians.

Hitler just did not have it in him. The real, pure Aryan was Gandhiji.


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Great post. Where did you find this information? I'd like to read more on the topic.


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Khiray - Thanks for your comment.

1. There are a few links on this post itself.

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3. My other posts cover related, associated topics which will give you more info. E.g. On Boghazkoy, check out my post - India 1 Country, 2 Histories and Many People (http://2ndrelook.blogspot.com/2007/10/india-1-country-2-histories-many-people.html)

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